This special edition of Fracline is designed to help you find more effective, economical fracturing proppants suitable for the US Bakken play located in North Dakota and Montana. Hexion is dedicated to serving the Williston Basin by providing our customers with the most advanced proppant technology.
New Proppant Choices Increase Bakken Well Production
Correct proppant usage is an important factor leading to improved well performance. Learn how various Rocky Mountain operators are achieving increased production, longer-term proppant pack integrity, and proppant flowback control by using Hexion's curable resin coated proppant technology.
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XRT Gold H: Well Suited for Bakken Horizontals
Hexion has introduced a new proppant designed specifically for horizontal wells. XRT Gold H™ proppants offer high fracture flow capacity, increased bond strength, and excellent flowback control for this type of well. This unique proppant has been thoroughly field tested and has proven to provide superior results over uncoated frac sand and uncoated ceramics in horizontal wells.
View XRT Gold H Technical Data Sheet (PDF).

Case History:
Increasing Bakken Oil Production
At a recent Bakken technology conference, several operators with large land positions in the Williston Basin discussed the successful, cost effective application of curable resin coated proppant technology. A comparative study of 38 wells in the Murphy Creek Field, shows how proppant selection affects both IP (Initial Production) and 90 day cumulative oil production.
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New Transload Location in the Williston Basin
To meet the increasing demand for Hexion's resin coated proppants in the Williston Basin, we recently opened a new transload location in Fairview, ND. With a total of four manufacturing facilities in North America and strategically placed transload locations, we are able to work with our customers to ensure that we have the right proppant available at the right time.

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Are Your Fracturing Proppants Performing Effectively? Besides proppant size, strength, and density, there are many other important factors to consider such as: proppant fines, proppant flowback, cyclic stress, embedment, and scaling. Visit us at CSUG November 18-19, 2009 in Booth 13 to learn more or visit or

North American Shale Play Articles –
Fracline Summer 2009 Edition

To learn more about proppant usage in other North American shale plays, including the Haynesville and Fayetteville shales, refer to our full issue of Fracline that was released this past July.
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