Oilfield Technology Group Opens New Proppant Plant
Hexion's OTG developed our ValuBond™ resin coated proppants as an ideal replacement for uncoated sand. This curable resin coated 40/70 mesh proppant was designed specifically for waterfrac applications. A new production plant dedicated exclusively to ValuBond will open in Oklahoma City, OK in January, 2009. This plant and the additional capacity it provides will help us better meet the waterfrac proppant needs of our customers.

 Download the ValuBond Technical Sales Bulletin (PDF)

Oilfield Technology Group Launches New Web Site
A new Web site is now available with the latest information on our line of resin coated proppants, sand management technologies, and fracture diagnostics. It is located at Be sure and change your bookmarks to this new location. Our old site now redirects to We welcome your comments and suggestions about our new Web site.
Waterfrac Proppant Technology - Online Educational Series
Hexion's Oilfield Technology Group is offering an educational webinar on waterfrac proppant technology. The webinar will provide in-depth information about waterfrac proppant selection and how to optimize treatment results. Mark your calendar to join us for this educational event on either day:
Tuesday, Jan. 27th - 10:00 AM CST or Thursday, Jan. 29th - 3:00 PM CST
More Information and Registration

Low Temperature Applications of Resin Coated Proppants
Fracturing often occurs in shallow depths that have much lower reservoir temperatures. There are ways to improve the effectiveness of resin coated proppants under low temperature conditions, such as using an activator in the slurry to help the initial grain-to-grain bonding in the fracture. Advancements in proppant technology have made resin coated proppants more effective in shallow wells.
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Extreme Resin Technology Proppants for HPHT Wells
High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) fracturing requires special proppants that can withstand the harsh conditions found downhole. Such factors as fracture flow capacity, proppant flowback control, cyclic stress resistance, and temperature stability are critical factors when evaluating a proppant's performance in HPHT wells.
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Considerations for Fracturing with Resin Coated Proppants
There are many factors to evaluate in order to successfully design and execute a frac job using resin coated proppants (RCPs). The type and amount of proppant best suited for the job depends on downhole well conditions and the fracturing treatment type being used. When evaluating proppants, there are three different types of resin coatings to consider: precured, partially cured, and curable. Each of them performs differently; making the correct choice can have a big impact on treatment results.
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New PropTrac Video and Literature
Hexion’s non-radioactive PropTrac Fracture Diagnostics Service offers a new video that provides the latest information on the service and highlights the proppants used. A new Technical Sales Bulletin on our logging capabilities and tool is also available.
view the New PropTrac Video View the New PropTrac Video
 Download the New PropTrac Logging Technical Sales Bulletin (PDF)

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Fracturing photo courtesy of BJ Services Company.