This edition of Fracline focuses on how Hexion’s curable resin coated proppant technology more effectively addresses downhole reservoir conditions of temperature, fluid, and pressure compared to uncoated or precured resin coated proppants. We also provide several case histories highlighting how optimizing proppant selection significantly improves well production.

Visit Us at SPE ATCE in New Orleans October 4-7
Are your fracturing proppants performing as expected downhole? Hexion has developed several interactive demonstrations to be included in our booth that will provide you with remarkable insight into downhole proppant performance. Come visit us for this educational experience and see why Hexion’s curable resin coated proppants (RCPs) outperform uncoated and precured proppants.
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Upcoming Haynesville Shale Educational Events
Hexion’s Oilfield Technology Group will be conducting educational events focusing on the Haynesville Shale. Recent technical findings comparing downhole proppant performance in the Haynesville and successful application of resin coated proppant technology will be provided. You will have the opportunity to attend one of these interactive demonstration events in several cities this fall. More information on these events will be available soon at

Case History: Improving Well Productivity in the Haynesville Shale
A Haynesville operator realized $1.75 million in increased sales in the first four months of production by utilizing Prime Plus™ premium resin coated proppants. Three Prime Plus wells provided 30% more production versus three precured resin coated proppant wells.
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Centralized Ordering System Introduced in Canada
To allow you to better plan your next frac job, we have implemented a centralized ordering system in Canada. All resin coated proppant and AcTivator™ orders can now be placed by contacting our Customer Service Department by either phone (1-800-626-2116) or email ( If you have any questions about this transition, please contact the Canadian Area Manager, John Gavinchuk, via phone (1-780-721-3807) or email (

Hexionís Oilfield Technology Group Moves to New Office Locations
We are not only expanding our infrastructure throughout North America, but we have also moved into new office locations to better serve our customers. The Houston sales office along with the technical services and research lab have moved to a new joint facility located at 15366 Park Row, Houston, TX, 77084. Phone and fax numbers remain the same. The new address and phone number for our Calgary sales office are 633 – 6th Ave. SW, Suite 400, Calgary, AB, Canada T2P 2Y5 and 1-403-705-0950. Contact information can always be found at

Case History: Increasing Bakken Oil Production
At a recent Bakken technology conference, several operators with large land positions in the Wiliston Basin discussed the successful, cost effective application of curable resin coated proppant technology. A comparative study of 38 wells in the Murphy Creek Field shows how proppant selection effects both IP (Initial Production) and 90 day cumulative oil production.
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Case History: Optimizing Fayetteville Production - Reducing Costs
A major operator recently used ValuBond™ in their wells with excellent results. This economical proppant eliminated their issues with proppant flowback. The proppant reduced the costs associated with flowback tank cleanouts, lateral wash runs with coil tubing, damaged equipment, and well downtime.
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