This edition of Fracline focuses on SPE 135502 and our exhibition at the SPE ATCE in Florence, Italy. We also cover the emerging Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas. Finally, we provide insight into the latest information on curable resin coated proppant technology.

Come See Us at SPE ATCE in Florence, Italy, 20–22 September 
Hexion will be presenting our latest technical paper, SPE 135502, in Florence. The paper titled “Proppant Selection and Its Effect on the Results of Fracturing Treatments Performed in Shale Formations” will be presented by John Terracina. This paper cumulates three years of laboratory testing and field studies on fracturing proppants in shale reservoirs. This groundbreaking work will be presented at numerous industry meetings in North America in 2010 and 2011. Hexion will also be exhibiting the latest in curable resin coated proppant technology. Visit us for this educational experience and see why Hexion’s curable resin coated proppant technology outperforms uncoated and precured proppants in a variety of shale fracturing applications.
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Hexion Provides Proppants Well-Suited for the Eagle Ford Shale 
This quickly emerging shale play has great potential. However, there are many fracturing challenges to operating successfully in the Eagle Ford. Among these are its unique reservoir and formation characteristics. Hexion’s line of Prime Plus™ proppants has shown to work very effectively in the Eagle Ford with very encouraging well production results.
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Proppant Selection Plays a Major Role in Optimizing Well Production 
There are many critical proppant selection factors that can make a difference in the success of hydraulic fracturing treatments. Hexion has conducted research in several major shale plays to determine the effects that specific reservoir and formation conditions have on downhole proppant performance. The results show that these downhole conditions determine the proppant’s effectiveness, which directly relates to post treatment production decline rates.
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Upcoming Webinars on Downhole Proppant Performance in Shales 
Hexion’s Oilfield Technology Group will be conducting webinars this autumn highlighting SPE 135502, “Proppant Selection and Its Effect on the Results of Fracturing Treatments Performed in Shale Formations.” The results of extensive laboratory tests and field studies comparing downhole proppant performance in three North American shale plays will be presented. More information on these events will be available soon at

New U.S. Quick Reference Guide Now Available
Our U.S. Quick Reference Guide has been updated with our newest products, ValuBond 20/40 and SB Prime 20/40. The latest technical specifications are listed along with updated application content.
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Visit Us at These Upcoming Industry Events
Come visit us at one of these upcoming events to learn how our resin coated proppant technology can improve your well production:

  • SPE ATCE – Florence, Italy, 20–22 September
  • DUG Eagle Ford Conference & Exposition – San Antonio, Texas, 4–6 October
  • CURIPC – Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 19–21 October
  • SPE Tight Gas Completions Conference – San Antonio, Texas, 2–3 November


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