Hexion Offers Bakelite® Resins for Demulsifiers

During oil production, water must be separated from crude oil before it reaches the refinery to reduce transport cost, corrosion and the growth of microorganisms. Temperature and pressure drops during pumping of the crude can also cause asphaltenes to precipitate by agglomeration which can block pipes.

Hexion supplies a broad range of Bakelite® phenolic resins globally that enable our customers to manufacture additives that perform effectively with a wide variety of crudes over a wide temperature range. These phenolic resins offer the following key features and typical benefits:

Demulsifiers and asphaltene dispersants additives produced with Bakelite resin precursors outperformed commercial references used in the field.

Hexion’s Bakelite resins portfolio includes a variety of chemistries that enable the production of a wide range of additives for efficient demulsifications at different conditions and oil qualities. Our product offering includes ultra-low free nonylphenol grades and nonylphenol free solutions. To optimize transportation and handling, base resins in solid form and very low viscosity products for use in cold areas are also available.

Please contact us at oilfield@hexion.com for more information regarding this advanced technology.