Spring 2010

Hexion Receives 2009 Global Six Sigma
and Business Improvement Award

Hexion recently received a 2009 Global Six Sigma and Business Improvement Award recognizing its achievements in utilizing Six Sigma for organizational business improvement.

Six Sigma is a business management strategy which seeks to improve the quality of processes such as manufacturing and customer service by reducing defects and variability. It is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any business process. The strategy provides various methods and tools to associates to examine processes within the business from the customer's perspective and to improve them to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Hexion has been recognized for its achievements in Six Sigma with a variety of honors including the 2009 Global Six Sigma and Business Improvement Award of the Worldwide Conventions and Business Forums (WCBF).

The WCBF specializes in senior-level Six Sigma events which are recognized as the biggest and the best by continuous improvement and quality professionals. Its industry-leading awards program celebrates outstanding organizational achievement. Winners are determined based on the degree of innovation, quality of implementation, and value of the Six Sigma deployment to the company.

The company was selected as having the best achievement in implementing Six Sigma for business improvement in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The award was part of an overall awards program presented by WCBF, which produces Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma events. The awards, recognizing leading Six Sigma programs across a range of industries, were judged by a panel of independent business improvement experts and practitioners. The focus of the awards program is to demonstrate to the global business community the results that organizations achieve through the successful deployment of Six Sigma and other business excellence programs, according to the organization.

Hexion has implemented Six Sigma programming across its global organization and has made Six Sigma a core process in its business operations. Its award entry documented various business process improvements, savings, and service enhancements resulting from embracing Six Sigma methodology as a way of doing business.

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