Hexion’s Robust Quality Program for Resin Coated Proppant Manufacturing

Hexion is committed to producing high-quality products that meet industry standards and satisfy our customers’ expectations. Our high level of quality can be attributed to our standardized, auditable reporting system that is capable of tracking the quality of our products from the receipt of raw materials to the arrival of finished resin coated proppants at the wellsite.

Hexion also utilizes Six Sigma methodology to drive quality throughout our products. We have over 10 years of experience with Six Sigma practices.

Since Hexion is a leading manufacturer of specialty resins, we are able to monitor the quality of the resin used for our resin coated proppants. Our ISO certified resin plants have 100% testing, which means that we test each and every batch that we produce. No resin is released for shipping to our coating facilities unless it meets all of our specifications.

Our proppant quality control program consists of three primary focus areas—raw substrate, production, and finished product. We test the raw substrate that we receive and reject any shipments that do not comply with American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications. The finished resin coated proppant is tested during production at our onsite laboratories to ensure that all manufacturing parameters are met. Random samples are also shipped to our Houston Technology Center and evaluated for product performance characteristics as well as adherence to the standard operating procedures (SOPs). This gives us the ability to monitor our sites’ quality performance and drive continuous improvement.

As the product makes its way through our manufacturing system and becomes staged for loading for delivery to a transload or wellsite; the finished product is resampled and tested again. This added layer of analysis ensures the product being loaded conforms to Hexion’s standards and enables us to track product delivered to the wellsite back to a manufacturing campaign.

Hexion is committed to providing the best technology and the highest quality products to our customers. Please contact us at oilfield@hexion.com for more information regarding our quality program or resin coated proppants.