Spring 2010

Know Your Proppants –
What You See is Not Always What You Get

When comparing resin coated proppant field samples, what you see may not always be what you get. At times, the proppants received on location may not be representative of the published data provided by the proppant supplier. Hexion has rigid quality control measures in place to ensure that the proppant delivered to location meets our published specifications.

Published Data

The conductivity data provided by some proppant suppliers is not always based on industry recognized Stim-Lab™ testing procedures. Also, laboratory test samples can be altered to provide better results and may not be representative of what you get on location. When requesting a sample, be sure to obtain one from the well site.

Field Sample Comparison

A test was recently conducted on samples taken on-site of our Prime Plus™ proppants and a competitor’s premium precured proppants. The proppants were evaluated by Stim-Lab according to the proppant consortium test procedures, which is an industry approved testing method. As shown in the chart, the test results for Prime Plus closely mirrors the published data. The competitor’s product however, shows a 50% difference in the test results versus the published data. Stim-Lab testing of field samples should always be consistent with the company’s published conductivity data.

The bottom line: know your proppant supplier and their quality control procedures. At Hexion, we ensure that you always Get the Results You Expect.SM


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