New HexCem™ FluidLock™ Fluid Loss Additive for Cementing

In cementing, fluid loss can compromise the pumpabililty of the slurry and cement integrity, consequently impacting the strength and performance of the cementing system. 

Hexion’s HexCem™ FluidLock™ fluid loss additive is a multi-functional cement additive with additional benefits including effective control of foaming and cement sheath gas migration. 

This advanced new product is a multi-functional fluid loss additive with the added benefits of slurry foam control and prevention of formation gas migration. It can be dry blended as a free-flowing and non-clumping additive with cement mix for the preparation of a slurry. Another benefit is that it increases shear bond strength to the casing and formation. This fluid loss additive also preserves the compressive strength of the slurry. In addition, the HexCem FluidLock fluid loss additive reduces the amount of free water control additive required.

Formulations have been designed for low density (LD) and high density (HD) applications. These products are based on an innovative blend of high performance materials that allow for precise control of the cementing job. 

This efficient fluid loss solution offers the following key features:

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