New HexiClean™ SAGD Anti-Fouling Agent is Available

Deposition of Fouling Comparison in SAGD Fluid
200 ppm HexiClean 100 Agent vs. Control on Stainless Steel
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Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) requires multiple heat exchangers at various points in the production stream. Over time, these heat exchangers can become obstructed by asphaltenes, organic salts, and inorganic salts which leads to inefficient heat transfer. This fouling requires extensive manual cleaning that can put personnel at risk and shut down production.

Hexion’s new HexiClean™ 100 SAGD anti-fouling agent reduces heat exchanger fouling by passivating the metal surface of the equipment and reducing the amount of problematic components of production that can build up on the equipment. This allows for longer periods of production between heat exchanger cleanings and improves thermal transfer. The unique chemistry of HexiClean™ 100 is effective at reducing build-up on heat exchangers even at low concentration doses.

Hexion continues to lead the way in new oilfield technology. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience and a global manufacturing grid, Hexion is able to consistently deliver quality products for a range of oilfield applications.

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