OilPlus™ Proppants Increase Production 49% in the Permian Basin

Hexion’s OilPlus™ proppants continue to outperform the competition in many major basins throughout North America. These advanced proppants are field proven in over 1,000 wells with one billion pounds pumped so far.

By increasing the relative permeability of oil in the proppant pack, OilPlus proppant users can produce better wells. This includes improved initial production (IP), higher cumulative production, reduced cost per BOE, and higher return on investment (ROI).

OilPlus proppant tail-in wells yielded a 49% production increase over 100% uncoated frac sand wells. Upfront investment of approximately $30,000 for an 11% tail-in of OilPlus proppants was proven to be returned in less than 30 days in the Permian Basin. Based on $53 oil, wells that used an 11% tail-in of OilPlus proppants generated on average $1,131,508 more revenue than offset wells over a 12-month period.

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