Spring 2010

Operator Controls Proppant Flowback and
Reduces Costs in Low Temperature Formations


Hexion’s SiberProp™ 16/30 resin coated proppants are designed for low temperature applications to reduce the need for external activators to achieve sufficient bond strength. When treating wells at temperatures down to 110°F, external activators are not typically required.


A large independent operator with numerous wells in the Permian Basin in West Texas and New Mexico utilized SiberProp in their fracturing treatments. Data was received from 39 treatments that were performed on 22 wells. SiberProp eliminated the need for external activators, decreasing the complexity of the fracturing treatment and saving time and cost. It also reduced the need for extra chemical transportation and the associated potential hazards.

The 22 wells were monitored for proppant flowback and it was shown that none had occurred during the course of a year. The elimination of proppant flowback also reduced the costs associated with well downtime and surface equipment repair or replacement.

Oil production on the wells was comparable to the wells treated previously with conventional resin coated proppants and an external chemical activator, but at a reduced cost.


The use of resin coated proppants enhances fracturing treatments and increases well production. SiberProp offers many benefits over conventional resin coated proppants. Our products are designed to reduce proppant fines, flowback, pack rearrangement, embedmentand scaling as well as handle downhole conditions such as cyclic stress. This is achieved through our advanced, patented Stress Bond™ (SB) technology that bonds the proppants together under downhole temperature and stress.


Treatment Information  
Counties Eddy, Lea, Andrews, Dawson, Crane
States Texas, New Mexico
Country USA
Formations Brushy Canyon, Delaware, Cherry Canyon, San Andreas,
Yeso, Bone Spring, Spraberry, Wichita Albany, Tubb
Well Types Vertical
Well Depths 3,095 – 9,437 ft
Bottom-Hole Temperatures 99° – 148°F
Proppant Volumes 5,550 – 59,500 lbs

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