This Canadian special edition of Fracline focuses on the launch of new proppants for low temperature plays in Canada, our contributions to SPE 162792, and how we help our customers improve their well economics by reducing the costs associated with proppant flowback.

Black Yukon

New Yukon Black™ Low Temperature Proppant Now Available

Momentive is dedicated to providing our customers with resin coated proppants in Canada. Our manufacturing plants in Alberta (including one that produces hydrogen sulfide scavengers) demonstrates our commitment to the Canadian oil and gas industry. Momentive’s new Yukon Black™ proppant is an innovative curable resin coated fracturing sand available in 16/30 and 20/40 mesh sizes. The Yukon Black resin system is designed specifically for low temperature reservoirs without the need for a consolidation aid.

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Momentive Contributes to SPE 162792: Factors that Impact the Performance of Resin Coated Proppant in Low Temperature Reservoirs

Momentive’s Oilfield Technology Group participated in SPE 162792 that outlines a case history in which a Momentive resin coated proppant was used in conjunction with an optimized consolidation aid treatment plan to eliminate sand flowback issues. This paper illustrates the research and testing advantages that Momentive’s experienced technology team continues to provide to its customers.

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Flowback Causes Serious Issues for ESPs

There are many problems associated with proppant flowback. The sandblasting effect of proppant flowing back damages surface equipment, leading to costly downtime and repairs. Proppant flowback also damages downhole electric submersible pumps (ESPs), which is very costly and detrimental to well production. 

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Additional Product Segments Offered to Canadian Oil and Gas Market

Momentive is the largest supplier of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavengers in Canada. We offer H2S scavengers for crude oil, natural gas, LPG and SAGD. Momentive also offers fluid performance additives for stimulation, drilling and production.

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