This edition of Fracline covers Hexion’s new products, graphics, and how you can view our latest literature and videos.  


Hexion to Provide New Dust Control Solution

As the dust regulations for proppants used in hydraulic fracturing are set to come into effect, Hexion is working to release a new solution for the industry.  Our new technology offers dust control onsite for uncoated frac sand. This dust suppressant solution is in addition to our existing proppant product lines that effectively reduce dust due to their resin coating.

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New AquaBond™ Proppant Article Released by World Oil

Our AquaBond resin coated sand was featured in a recent edition of World Oil magazine’s ShaleTech Report.

The lab performance results show that AquaBond proppants reduced water compared to traditional resin coated sand. The results are covered in this detailed article.

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View Our New AquaBond™ Proppant Infographic 

Our AquaBond™ proppant infographic shows how these advanced proppants reduce formation water. Gain a better understanding of how this unique technology effectively reduces formation water and saves money.

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New kRT™ Proppants Offer Economical Options 

Hexion’s new kRT proppants are curable resin coated sand available in various mesh sizes. These economical new proppants effectively minimize proppant flowback and reduce proppant fines generation. The tailored resin system also reduces dust generation compared to uncoated frac sand, which helps improve health and safety on location.

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Our Canadian Proppant Manufacturing Plant is Expanding

Hexion’s proppant plant in Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada has initiated major upgrades to produce resin coated proppants more efficiently. These upgrades will allow the plant to respond quicker to customer requests for proppants.

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View Hexion’s Videos on Our YouTube Channel 

Our latest videos can be viewed on YouTube. Visit our channel for informative videos that include details on our:

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Learn About Hexion’s Robust Quality Program for Resin Coated Proppants 

We are committed to producing high-quality products that meet or exceed industry standards, while satisfying customer needs. Our reporting system is capable of tracking our product’s quality from receipt of uncoated sand to finished resin coated proppant delivered to the wellsite.

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Hexion Expands Oilfield Technology Group Headquarters 

We added two additional buildings to our main offices in Houston, TX. This expansion was initiated to fit the growing needs of our business and added more than 15,000 square feet of office space.

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Visit Hexion’s Website for the Latest Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets are available online for our resin coated proppants. Information on features and benefits along with physical and chemical properties is available. This includes our new AquaBond proppants that reduce well formation water.

Also included are Technical Data Sheets on our drilling, stimulation, and cementing additives along with our H2S Scavenger products.

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View the Latest Literature and Videos on Our Hexion OTG App

Our new App provides you the latest literature and videos at your fingertips. Included are Technical Data Sheets, Technical Sales Bulletins, and product videos highlighting our resin coated proppants, performance additives, and production chemicals.




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