This edition of Fracline covers critical proppant selection factors, proppant quality and case histories. It also features information on upcoming presentations and webinars.
Critical Proppant Selection Factors
Fracturing proppant selection is crucial to optimizing well productivity. Many proppants often do not perform as expected under real-world, downhole conditions of pressure, temperature, and fluid. Besides the traditional selection factors of proppant size, strength, and density, there are several new important factors to consider.
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Attend Hexion’s Presentation at the DUG Conference in Fort Worth, Texas
Hexion will be speaking March 29th on critical proppant selection factors and their effects on shale fracturing at the Development of Unconventional Gas (DUG) conference. Be sure to visit us in Booth #223, March 30–31 for more insight into downhole proppant performance.

Critical Proppant Selection Factors Webinars – April 27 and 29
Hexion will be presenting an educational webinar on April 27 and 29 with in-depth information on the factors that have a major impact on downhole proppant performance and fracture treatment results. This webinar will examine these in detail. Several recent laboratory tests and field case histories will also be presented. They demonstrate that shale fracture treatment results can be improved to a large extent with added attention to proppant selection. Information and registration can be found at
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Know Your Proppants – What You See is Not Always What You Get
When comparing resin coated proppant field samples, what you see may not always be what you get. The proppants delivered on location may not be representative of the published data provided by the proppant supplier. Hexion has rigid quality control measures in place to ensure that the proppant delivered to your well site meets our published specifications.
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AcTivator Guidelines for ValuBond in the Fayetteville Shale

Hexion has published a new Technical Sales Bulletin for the use of our AcTivator™ consolidation aid with our ValuBond™ proppants for use specifically in the Fayetteville Shale. The literature includes recommended AcTivator loadings at different temperatures and shut-in times.
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Case History:

Operator Controls Proppant Flowback and Reduces Costs
Hexion’s SiberProp™ proppants controlled proppant flowback in numerous wells in the Permian Basin. The advanced resin technology SiberProp utilizes also eliminated the use of external activators which further reduced operating costs and treatment complexity.
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Hexion Receives Six Sigma and Business Improvement Award

Hexion received the 2009 Global Six Sigma and Business Improvement Award recognizing our achievements in utilizing Six Sigma for organizational business improvement. Six Sigma at Hexion provides various methods and tools to associates to examine processes within the business from the customer’s perspective, and to improve them to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
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