This edition of Fracline focuses on new proppant technology, our upcoming webinar, and updated case histories. We are also introducing a new critical proppant selection factor to help engineers improve well production through improved proppant selection.
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FracZone – Where Facts and Application Come Together

The demand for resin coated proppants has risen dramatically the last few years, largely in part due to increased industry knowledge of actual proppant performance downhole versus expected performance. For many years, there has been a general lack of knowledge on proppants and especially resin coated proppants. There are many examples of this knowledge gap; a couple of them are highlighted in this article.
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Innovative Proppant Technology from New Curable Resin Coating

Black Pro™ proppant offers next-generation resin bonding technology for improved proppant pack integrity, even under the harshest cyclic stress conditions common in today's shale wells. This proppant also provides enhanced proppant embedment resistance under cyclic stress, maintaining higher pack permeability and fracture width compared to traditional curable resin coated proppants. Black Pro’s quicker bond strength development allows for faster post-treatment flowback at higher drawdowns than other resin coated proppants.
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OTG Will Host Our Latest Webinar June 21st and 23rd Highlighting the Latest Developments in Proppant Technology

This webinar will examine several new developments in proppant technology. Among these are the introduction of a new critical proppant selection factor for fracturing treatments and a new generation of curable resin coated proppant with innovative bonding technology. Well production updates from SPE 135502 will also be presented.
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Increased Capacity From Batesville, AR and Brady, TX Proppant Plants

Momentive has increased our proppant production capacity by adding a new plant in Batesville, Arkansas. This plant will produce our new Black Pro proppant and serve the Mid-Continent, East Texas, and North Louisiana areas. An additional production line is also being added to our existing Brady, Texas plant to provide more capacity.
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Proppant Quality: New Critical Proppant Selection Factor

We are introducing a new factor to assist the industry in proppant selection in an effort to help optimize well production. Proppant quality is of the utmost importance when designing your fracture treatment. Utilizing poor quality proppant can have a detrimental impact on well performance.
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Momentive Presented at DUG Conference – Will Exhibit at SPE Unconventional Gas Conference

OTG Vice President Jerry Borges presented “Proppants: How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Going?” at the recent DUG Conference. Come visit our booth at the SPE Unconventional Gas Conference June 14-16. New advancements and breakthroughs in proppant technology will be shown.
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Case Histories: Haynesville, Fayetteville, and Bakken Shales

Momentive conducted extensive research on well production in several shale plays in North America. The wells that utilized Prime Plus™ proppant in the Haynesville Shale provided 37% higher production than the lightweight ceramic wells. The average 12 month cumulative gas production for the ValuBond™ wells in the Fayetteville Shale was 20% higher than the uncoated frac sand (UFS) wells. The average nine month cumulative oil production for the SB Prime™ wells in the Bakken Shale was 40% higher than the UFS wells.
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