• Did You Know?
  • We have expanded our proppant manufacturing capability through the acquisition of a new plant
  • Our H2S scavenger manufacturing plant added new capabilities
  • PROP University is a training class that provides an education on proppant technology and best practices
  • A new Infographic on our entire product portfolio is now available
  • A major industry publication included our products in a technical article
  • We offer a suite of new performance additive products
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    This edition of Fracline focuses on the continued expansion of our facilities with the acquisition of a resin coated proppant manufacturing facility and upgrade to our triazine production plant. We are also providing educational classes and Infographics to provide information to our customers.

    Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. Expands Capacity with Purchase of Proppant Plant

    Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. acquired a resin coated proppant manufacturing facility located in Shreveport, Louisiana from CRS Proppants LLC. The plant is capable of producing a variety of proppants suited for many different well conditions.

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    Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Plant Upgraded

    With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. has a history of providing quality hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavenger products to our customers. Another addition was added to our established triazine manufacturing grid to enhance our H2S scavenger capacity. The triazine production plant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has added both capability and flexibility. Our H2S scavenger products are available globally with efficient manufacturing and distribution.

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    Learn More About Proppant Technology at PROP UniversitySM

    Gain a better understanding of proppant technology from our free in-depth training class. Learn about proppant types, typical applications, unique proppant behaviors, important terms and definitions, as well as frac fluids.

    With this training, you can:

    • Optimize fracturing treatments based on proppant selection
    • Ask questions directly to proppant and fluids experts
    • Learn about quality versus performance testing and procedure reviews
    • Receive training tailored for new hires and/or experienced individuals

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    New Infographic on Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.’s Product Portfolio

    We offer solutions for the life of your well. This comprehensive product portfolio includes resin coated proppants, performance additives, and production chemicals. Our new Infographic focuses on where these products can be used in the drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production phases.

    For more information and a hi-res version of the Infographic, you can contact us at oilfield@momentive.com.

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    Magazine Article: Innovations in Proppant Technology are Making a Difference in Well Output

    New innovative proppant technology is having a major impact on improving well production. One of these new advancements is our OilPlus™ proppant used to enhance well production in oil and liquids-rich reservoirs. A case history of 39 wells provided results that showed OilPlus proppants increased oil production by 33% over traditional resin coated proppants.

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    New Performance Additives Provide Advanced Solutions

    We continue to add advanced new solutions to our product portfolio. Our performance additives include unique products with enhanced performance for well stimulation. These new products include friction reducers, non-emulsifiers, viscosifiers, fines control agents, and asphaltene dispersants. Highly effective cement antifoams are now available in liquid and powder forms. For drilling, fluid loss additives have been designed specifically for HP/HT (high pressure/high temperature) fluid loss control, clay particle inhibition, and borehole stabilization.

    For more information, contact us at oilfield@momentive.com.

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