Fracture Diagnostics Overview
Conventional radioactive tracers have been used for decades to track proppant placement. However, there are numerous safety and environmental concerns associated with this method along with questions about their accuracy.
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A New Alternative to Radioactive Tracers
Hexion has introduced the PropTrac HSM Fracture Diagnostics Service which offers an easier, safer, and more accurate method to optimize fracture treatments and improve results. The service uses Hexion's resin coated proppants containing a non-radioactive tagging material in the coating. These proppants are activated downhole with a specialized logging tool to provide their precise location and determine propped fracture height. Unlike conventional radioactive tracers, PropTrac H is no longer active by the time the tool is removed from the well.
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PropTrac H Improves Well Production
PropTrac H provides valuable data to help operators make more informed decisions on how to perforate and fracture treat their wells. This information directly impacts well productivity by providing more efficient completions.
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View the PropTrac Video |  Download the PropTrac Brochure (PDF)

PropTrac H Case History

A Rocky Mountain operator was looking for a way to confirm the propped fracture height in their wells to help them improve their fracturing strategy. They were sensitive to the environmental concerns held by the public in the area along with the regulatory restrictions and political issues that come with using radioactive tracers. The use of radioactive materials was prohibited, so the usual methods were not an option.
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