Summer 2009
Canadian Resin Coated Proppant
Plant Capacity Improvements

Although overall drilling rates throughout Canada have decreased, activity is continuing in shale and tight gas plays. To fulfill current demand and meet future expectations, Hexion is continuing to push ahead with capacity improvements at its Canadian resin coated proppant manufacturing facility. The plant is located in Sturgeon County, Alberta in close proximity to the unconventional plays that are utilizing large volumes of our resin coated proppants.

To meet the logistical challenges of moving and storing large quantities of proppants, an additional 1,800 feet (500 m) of track along with extra switches, have been installed. This will greatly enhance the plantís ability to optimize the number of service intervals provided by the rail service provider. Along with the additional track, rail car offloading capacity has been improved, as well as automating the loadout system. To meet future projected proppant volumes, upgrading of key process equipment, with the goal of a 25% capacity improvement is also underway.

John Gavinchuk, Hexion’s Canadian Area Manager, stated, “This plant expansion will streamline the Sturgeon plant operations and allow Hexion to provide even better service to our valued customers.”

As the only resin coated proppant supplier with a manufacturing capacity in Canada, this expansion not only emphasizes our commitment to the Canadian market, it also allows us to respond more efficiently to changing proppant requirements. Now that operators are not necessarily completing every well, it is even more essential that an optimal drilling and completions strategy is used on the selected wells. Our diverse product line is specially designed for Canadian wells whether you are drilling in the low temperature Bakken or deeper sections of the Montney, we have the right proppant available to optimize your well production.


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