Increasing Production from the Haynesville Shale
The Haynesville is recognized as one of the most prolific gas plays in North America with enormous potential. Operators are working to better understand the Haynesville’s reservoir conditions, and in particular, how to optimize fracturing treatments. Important discoveries are having a significant impact on proppant selection and subsequent fracture treatment results in the Haynesville Shale.
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What’s Working in the Fayetteville and Barnett Plays?
A better understanding of formation characteristics is showing that pumping raw frac sand in these plays is not as beneficial as some previously thought. Hexion offers new proppants as an ideal alternative to frac sand in the Fayetteville and Barnett.
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New Proppant Choices Improve Bakken Shale Production
The Bakken formation is one of the largest continuous deposits of oil in North America. This emerging play is now a viable resource due to recent technological advances in horizontal drilling and improved hydraulic fracturing methods, making more informed proppant choices essential to optimizing production.
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New Proppant for Horizontal Well Frac Treatments
Hexion has introduced a new proppant designed specifically for horizontal wells. XRT Gold H™ offers high fracture flow capacity, increased bond strength, and excellent flowback control for this type of well. This unique proppant has been thoroughly field tested and has proven to provide superior results over uncoated frac sand and uncoated ceramics in horizontal wells.
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Advancements in PropTrac Fracture Diagnostics
Oilfield Technology Group’s PropTracSM service with its Smart Proppant™ technology has had great success in determining propped fracture height as well as increasing production while reducing completion costs. The latest advancements provide operators with even more valuable information and application options to assist in their completion strategies.
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Canadian Resin Coated Proppant Plant Capacity Improvements
Although overall drilling activity in Canada has decreased, activity is continuing in shale and tight gas plays, such as the Montney and Horn River Basin. To meet resin coated proppant demand, we are moving foward with capacity improvements at our manufacturing facility located in Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada. Upgrades focus on increasing capacity and enhancing logistics.
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Two New Transload Locations Open
To provide our customers with an even more efficient and cost effective supply of resin coated proppants in the Rocky Mountains, Hexion is opening new transloads in Rock Springs, WY and Fairview, ND. The Rock Springs facility will serve primarily Wyoming and Colorado while the Fairview transload will supply the emerging Bakken play in Montana and North Dakota.

Online Educational Series – Waterfrac Proppant Technology
The webinar we recently conducted about Waterfrac Proppant Technology was a huge success. To learn about proppant selection, fracture flow capacity, and details on the latest proppant technologies view a recording of this presentation online at

New Web Site Adds Functionality

You have probably noticed the new look and feel of our web site after the switch last year. If you have not already, please be sure to save in your “Favorites” for easy access. Notice that you can select from “Product Selector Guide”, “Case Histories”, “Product Literature”, as well as “Newsletters” for past issues of Fracline – all in the left sidebar. For users outside the continental US, you can click on “Change Region” under the “Contacts” section or “Change” at the top of the page for products available in your specific region. Keep checking back on our site for additional functionality to come.

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