This edition of Fracline highlights additional resin coated proppant supply from Hexion. New plants and transloads are operational and additional products are now available.
New ValuBond Plant in Cleburne, Texas Now Open
Hexion has opened a new plant in Cleburne, TX to produce our ValuBond™ proppant. Companies operating in the Barnett Shale and surrounding areas will have easier access to a larger proppant supply now. This includes our newly introduced ValuBond 20/40 proppant.
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ValuBond 20/40 Mesh Proppant in Production
The acceptance of ValuBond 40/70 proppant in the Fayetteville and Barnett Shales has prompted us to offer ValuBond in a 20/40 mesh size. More information can be found in our new ValuBond video on
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Webinar on Critical Proppant Selection Factors Available Online
Hexion recently presented an educational webinar to assist personnel responsible for proppant selection. The webinar provides details on the factors that can affect the downhole performance of proppants used in shale fracturing treatments, along with laboratory testing and field studies to document the findings. You can view this informative webinar on Hexion’s updated web site to learn valuable new insights into enhancing well production.
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SB Prime Proppants Now Available in the US
Our SB Prime™ proppant has been very successful in Canada. This product is now available for our customers in the US as well and replaces our XRT Gold H™ proppant. SB Prime proppant is an advanced, field-proven, premium curable resin coated sand available in a 20/40 mesh size. This proppant incorporates Hexion’s Stress Bond™ (SB) technology to offer increased fracture flow capacity and proppant flowback control.
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White Paper:
Using Long-Term Conductivity Tests to Differentiate Proppants
To get an accurate performance comparison of different proppants, they must be tested in a similar fashion. Utilizing long-term conductivity data to evaluate proppants is not always comparing “apples to apples.” The test samples must have similar sieve distributions, the data must be generated under identical test procedures, and the data used must represent averaged values.
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New Transload Open in Corpus Christi, Texas
Our new transload in Corpus Christi is well-positioned to provide resin coated proppants to companies operating in the expanding Eagle Ford Shale play. With a total of five manufacturing facilities and twelve strategically placed transload locations in North America, we are able to ensure our customers have the right proppant available at the right time.

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