This edition of Fracline focuses on our expanding product offerings, production chemical additives, and new information on our fines control agent.

Momentive is Focused on Providing Solutions to  Customer Challenges

At Momentive, innovation and creativity are core values that drive our business. We live by the principles of innovation, invention, and continuous improvement to provide our customers with solutions to their real-world challenges.

These principles provide the foundation for the development of new solutions for resin coated proppants, performance additives, and production chemicals. Discover how Momentive's products can help you improve production from the reservoir to the refinery.

Have You Seen Momentive's New Product Offerings?

We offer well stimulation solutions with our advanced resin coated proppants along with a variety of performance additives for oilfield applications. Our products also include production chemicals for foam control and demulsification along with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavengers for crude oil and natural gas production. Our flyer provides a concise overview of our products including information on our Fines-Sta™ fines control agent and OilPlus™ proppants for enhanced oil production.
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New Black Ultra™ Proppants for Low Temperature Wells

Momentive's new Black Ultra™ proppants are a next-generation resin coated sand utilizing a multi-functional resin system, which bonds at low temperatures without the use of a consolidation aid. It also contains rehealing properties, important for cyclic stress that occurs over the life of the well.
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FUSION™ Sand Consolidation System Provides Cost-Effective Formation Sand Control

Momentive's FUSION™ sand consolidation system is an advanced epoxy resin system designed for sand consolidation and control. The system offers reduced components for simplified application. It eliminates the health hazards associated with 4,4'-methylenedianiline (MDA). The components are also mixed downhole, not at the wellsite.
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Yukon Black™ Proppants Available Exclusively for Canada

Momentive's Yukon Black™ proppants are an innovative curable resin coated fracturing sand available in 16/30 and 20/40 mesh sizes. These proppants are specifically designed for low temperature fracturing treatments without a consolidation aid, which provides maximized production and the ability to control costs associated with well clean-outs, pump repairs, and down production time.
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Fines-Sta™ 100 Fines Control Agent for Acidizing

Momentive's Fines-Sta™ 100 fines control agent is used to address fines migration challenges associated with siliceous rocks. In particular, it is used for fines encountered in crude oil production or generated as a result of hydraulic fracturing or sandstone acidizing. Treatment can result in a significant increase in the productivity and stabilization of the well.
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Unique High Performance Production Chemical Additives

From highly efficient foam control agents to demulsification boosters, Momentive Performance Materials Inc. has a solution to your needs. Our silicone foam control agents effectively control foam in a variety of applications, such as diesel fuel, gas sweetening, butadiene units, gas/oil separators, drilling muds, and others. Our production chemicals have proven to be much more effective at significantly lower dosages, providing the potential for substantial savings to our customers.
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The Latest U.S. Quick Reference Guide is Available

Our U.S. Quick Reference Guide provides the latest information on our products. Technical specifications are listed along with application content and AcTivator™ consolidation aid temperature requirements.
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