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Winter 2008
Welcome to the first edition of Hexion’s Fracline e-newsletter.  Hexion’s Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) is committed to developing technologies that enhance hydraulic fracturing treatments and provide improved well production.
Waterfrac Treatments
Waterfrac treatments are one of the primary techniques for hydraulic fracturing in low permeability reservoirs. The success of these treatments requires the proppant to be transported deep into the created fracture and maintain its fracture flow capacity over the lifetime of the well.

Proppant Crushing and Fines Generation in Waterfracs
The most predominant problem that occurs due to improper proppant selection is proppant crushing. Proppant crushing occurs when the fracture closure stress exceeds the strength of the proppant that is placed in the fracture. This leads to fines generation, resulting in lower fracture flow capacity and diminished well production rates.

5% fines generation = 60% decrease in fracture flow capacity (SPE 3298).
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More Realistic Test Procedures
To more accurately simulate downhole conditions, Hexion developed two test procedures: the Wet, Hot Crush Test and the Cyclic Stress Test. These tests demonstrate how different waterfrac proppants perform under “real-world” conditions.
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The Benefits of Prime Plus
  • Superior "Real-World" Fracture Flow Capacity Compared to Uncoated Sands, Tempered Sands, and Uncoated Ceramics
  • Eliminates Proppant Flowback – The Only Partially Cured Waterfrac Proppant Available
  • Significantly Less Fines Generation Compared to Other Waterfrac Proppants
  • Partially Cured Stress Bond™ (SB) Technology Prevents Wellbore Consolidation
  • Plants and Transloads Strategically Located Near Key Waterfrac Areas
 Download the Prime Plus Brochure (PDF)
Prime Plus Case History
An East Texas operator fractured two similar offsetting Lower Cotton Valley wells; one with the partially cured Prime Plus 40/70 and one with a conventional, tempered resin coated 40/70 proppant. Initial production on the Prime Plus well was 143% higher and 90-day production was more than 300% higher.
 Download the Prime Plus Case History (PDF)

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